Stealing IMs

You have either done it or had it done to you.

You are typing a message and you press enter, only to see that while you were glancing at your keyboard, a new IM window has popped up, and you've just sent an IM to this new person instead of the person it was intended for. It's IM stealing. It could show up at any moment. You had just better hope you aren't typing a password or secret gossip when it hits!

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The Hip Webster's Arsenal

1. Gmail. The latest addition to the hip webster's arsenal, Gmail is email with an elegant spin. And damn is it hip.

2. Audioscrobbler. The definitive community for hip websters to find new music and people that share their tastes. Growing MusicBrainz integration and faster servers will secure it's future.

3. Blog. Whether powered by Blogger, Movable Type, LiveJournal, or a home grown system, any hip webster worth his/her salt has a blog.

4. Flickr. Photo management and sharing integrated into everything the hip webster can throw at it.

5. Google. The tried and true way hip websters finds it all. If it's not on Google, it doesn't exist.

Got an addition to this list? Throw it in comments.

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Professional Debate Coverage

Summary of yesterday's debate (number 3) for those who missed it.

Bush: This
Kerry: Nope.
Kerry: That.
Bush: Nope.
Bush: THATNOPEwhat?
Bush: Nope-
Kerry: Nope.
Bush: Jinx-
Kerry: Jinx!
Bush: Double Jinx-
Kerry: Double Jinx!

*** 1.5 Hours Later ***

Bush: Well I know my wife can speak English better than me.

*Audience laughter*

Kerry: Well... I'm an unattractive man.

*Crickets, followed by silence*


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Marv's Life Point Principle

All people have a certain number of "life points", represented by time. Spending time on something makes one better at that thing.

example 1: Spending much time programming a computer will make one quite proficient at it.
example 2: Spending no time playing basketball will leave one very bad at it.

Therefore two people of the same age (same amount of life points used) have the same combined skill level from the total activities each person has done.

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Don't Go Making Phony Calls

Just recently, I jumped onto the mobile phone bandwagon after long standing on the sidelines holding on to my money and privacy. I'm not here to talk about my cell phone provider and how I love/hate it. I'm not here to give you the latest tips on cell phone hacking.
I've been getting a lot of calls lately from people that are not looking for or expecting to hear me. Wrong numbers. While it may get annoying at times, it also does something else. It gives me the upper hand. Almost each time it happens. And the more it happens, the more I win. I say "almost each time" because the other day I got three separate calls from what seems to have been one 2 year old child looking for his father. I'm serious. The first call kinda freaked me out because I felt like this child's life was somehow in my hands. I didn't know if he was in trouble stranded in the middle of the desert and had wired a cactus to link up with a satellite and bounce a voice stream across the map to my phone...
Well I did know that probably wasn't the case, but the point is I thought he could be in some sort of trouble. The first time he called I talked to him for a good ten minutes trying to figure out who he was trying to call and what he was trying to say. You have to understand that he was barely able to speak. And not because he was tied up in some attic (okay sorry I'm done alluding to that crappy looking movie) but because he had not yet developed the ability to speak clearly and completely. Its not every day you get to communicate with such an individual.
So by the third call, I was practically begging him to give me his father's number so I could call him myself and help connect them. I didn't actually do this, but something needed to be done.
So I hung up.

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Marv on "Ponchos"

I'm not usually one to condemn a stupid fashion trend to the world. Those bandana things- I wasn't a fan, but who cares about fashion anyways?! The really low jeans, well, no guy could really complain. Those trucker hats were (and still are) kinda stupid, but I actually dig them just enough.
Watch out though.
The next thing is called a "shawl" or a "poncho", depending on who sells it or who you ask. Oh you remember shawls, don't you? Those things that are exclusively worn by elderly women to match their favorite everything. And last I heard, ponchos were those things to keep you dry in the 80s or at Disney World when it rained. Well okay, I guess now is the time for the rest of the 80s stuff to join its family in modern fashion, but these things I'm talking about aren't the wonderful anti-rain devices you have come to know and love. Have a look:

Poncho Pals!

All it really takes is telling the female population that these things are hot, and reguardless of how ridiculous they are, it will be big enough to be a craze. Except this craze isn't only being called stupid AFTER its over- its dumb before it starts.

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Elder Taylor and Elder Adams

I am constantly faced with the task of defending my beliefs (and disbeliefs). About an hour ago I let two well dressed young gentlemen in my house out of the rain (atheists are not assholes...) and agreed to let them talk to me for ten minutes. The ten minutes may have turned into closer to 45 minutes, but hey, its fricken summer- what else do I have to do? I do find it quite educational to find out the strong beliefs of these gnostic theists. Usually after talking and trying to hold intelligent conversation for a while, I end up backing down and letting the offending group representatives say their piece, babble off their rehearsed responses, and quote their final scriptures. Well- this time was no exception. And I am now the (proud?) owner of yet another piece of religious propaganda, this one I'm sure you've heard of: "The Book of Mormon".

Am I the only one in the position? Well... I'm the only atheist I know.

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The Realist-Revisionary Party

This is a simple request that Trey Parker, the sole driving force behind South Park, establishes what will become a strong THIRD POLITICAL PARTY for the United States. Then he can run for President, with sidekick Matt Stone as Vice President.
Penn & Teller would then be appointed to very important positions. Have you seen their series "Penn & Teller: Bullshit!"? I suggest you make it a point to see as many episodes as you can. Then lets make them in charge of America's education outline.
Then lets get people like Nicholas Reville of to create and pass legislation that fixes the mess that our laws regarding all-things-Internet have gotten into. I'm talking DMCA, the Patriot Acts, the whole deal.

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