Applescript: Auto track# to selection (iTunes)

Well I guess one AppleScript just wasn't enough.

This one will assign consecutive selected iTunes tracks with track number tags. Make sure you have your tracks in the correct order or they will get the wrong track numbers. While this detail makes it less useful than it could be, I have still found many situations where it was just what I needed.

Auto track# to selection

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AppleScript: Refresh Selected iTunes Tags

If you are an iTunes user who edits their tags outside of iTunes, you know that it can be a bit of a pain for iTunes to see the changes to the tags. Normally you would either have to go to "Get Info" for each track or select a bunch of tracks and change a random tag to get iTunes to see your changes.

I've written an AppleScript to make our lives easier.

Refresh Selected Tags

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Stealing IMs

You have either done it or had it done to you.

You are typing a message and you press enter, only to see that while you were glancing at your keyboard, a new IM window has popped up, and you've just sent an IM to this new person instead of the person it was intended for. It's IM stealing. It could show up at any moment. You had just better hope you aren't typing a password or secret gossip when it hits!

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