Blingo Blingo

Why not get prizes just for using Google search? I just stumbled across this site called Blingo that gives away prizes randomly to people that search Google through their site. They put a couple of sponsored results at the top of your search and through the money they earn from that they give away things like iPods, PSPs, Visa Gift Cards, movie tickets, and more. They have a bunch of toolbars to make searching via Blingo as convenient as regular google. My favorite being the search plugin here to have Blingo show up in your Firefox search box just like any other engine.

You can win prizes by searching normally or, in the case that a friend wins a prize, you win the exact same prize. Pretty sweet deal.

Blingo Search

And here's an iTunes code for 3 songs for the first person that snatches it up: KALKNTPMWPNW

25 Jul 05 | +Permalink+ | Comments (4)