Positional Sound Events

I think from a usability standpoint it would be kinda nice if you could tell what application was making noise if the noise sounded like it was coming from the app's position on the screen. Think Instant Messaging. You get an IM from a message window on the right side of your screen and the sound event is louder on your right speaker. Any thoughts?

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XSPF: The shareble playlist format

Imagine a world where
1. You create a playlist in your music player
2. You send that playlist to a friend or post it online
3. Another person opens the playlist in their music player and uses it with their music

This world exists now if your player supports XSPF, the open, shareable playlist format.

The first major player to support this format is the Yahoo! Music Engine, the software that accompanies the just recently launched Yahoo! Music Unlimited. Hopefully we'll see more big name software supporting it soon.

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Previous eMusic subscribers rejoice!

If you have or have had an eMusic account, you might be bummed when you see them offering 50 Free MP3s for new subscribers and not you. No, you can't trial hop on one credit card until the end of time like you do with Napster. You need a miracle here.

Well now you, lucky former eMusic subscriber, get yours. eMusic is running a promotion until June 12th where renewing your subscription will get you one free month of the plan you had before you cancelled. If you had eMusic basic when you cancelled you now get 40 free songs. If you had eMusic Plus when you cancelled, you now get 65 free songs. If you had eMusic Premium when you cancelled you now get 90 free songs! If you cancel before the next month, you don't pay anything.

Check your email for the offer or try this link (previous subscribers only). If you've never subscribed, you should check it out.

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iTunes 4.8 manages movies?

iTunes 4.8 was released today. Get it at the usual place.

Apple's "What's new in iTunes 4.8" simply says: "Includes new Music Store features and support for transferring contacts and calendars from your computer to your iPod (requires Mac OS X version 10.4 on your computer)."

At first, it seems like Windows users are left out in the cold on this release. But drag any .MOV or .MP4 file into your iTunes library, and you'll see that you can finally play them from within iTunes. By default, they will play in the album artwork section.

You can click on the movie to have to have it pop up in a new window...

...or click on the fullscreen button to have it play fullscreeen.

For more on the Academy Award nominated "MORE" playing in the screenshots, head on over to Stompio.

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