iTunes won't play MP3s!

If your favorite music software suddenly decides to not play certain MP3s, don't panic.

Go grab the latest version of foobar2000. Then open the offending MP3s with it and right click on them one at a time, selecting "Fix MP3 Header". EDIT 3/20/2006: After version 0.9 of foobar2000, Fix MP3 Header is no longer in the right click menu. You will need to assign a keyboard shortcut to the Fix MP3 Header function from Preferences. Mine is Shift+F. In the "padding" field, type 0 and click OK.
I was having this problem with iTunes- apparently it is picky about sloppy MP3 headers where other players are not. I had certain songs refusing to play in iTunes but would play fine in Winamp or WMP. After weeks of iTunes withdrawal, this trick solved my problem, and I was (am) finally able to move back over to iTunes.

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How to screw yourself with Musicbrainz

Never run Musicbrainz on your entire music collection to "see if it fixes tag errors you may have missed".

Its like hiring a terrorist to attach C4 bombs to any compilation/soundtrack you have. And instead of hiring a counter-terrorist to defuse the bombs, you decide to go on vacation for a while. When you come back you wonder how the hell you got some random song that you don't recognize outside of its compilation. So you may delete it. Have fun rebuilding your CDs!

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Firefox Image Blocking

I just stumbled onto a feature in Firefox that a lot of you probably didn't notice either. Firefox Image Blocking- right click on an ad and you can permanently block all ads from that provider the next time you load a page. Unfortunately this doesn't work for flash ads.

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Boy In Static

For those of you familiar with Boy In Static, he hooked up with the record label that The Notwist is with, and will be putting out his debut album on November 8th.

It will include Epilogue, one of the two tracks that was freely available on his site for so long.

If you've never heard him, you can check out the tracks in real media through this site .

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The Blue Playlist

This is an ever updated list of songs that seemed like they were going somewhere greater but stayed just below that line. These songs are good, and in never going that final step, they leave the listener wanting to hear them again and again and again. Think of it like the swimsuit model who never gets naked.

- Annihilation - A Perfect Circle/Emotive
- Ti Ki - Sigur Ros/Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do EP
- 23 - Jimmy Eat World/Futures (added 12/24/04)

edit: December 24
I've renamed it from The Blue Ball Playlist because of the negative connotation. I love these tracks. This "Blue" tactic makes them impossible to drop.

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