You are going to hear about this soon enough, so I thought you'd like to hear about it here first. It is a program called Skype from the people who brought you Kazaa, and allows you to "call" people who use the program. It is available on for Windows, Pocket PC, and Linux.

Skype is a VoIP client. VoIP stands for Voice Over IP(Internet Protocol). VoIP is an exciting technology that is pushing further into the mainstream. Once this gets popular enough, I wouldn't be surprised if before you know it cell phones can talk to Skype users.

Check out Skype

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Marv on "Ponchos"

I'm not usually one to condemn a stupid fashion trend to the world. Those bandana things- I wasn't a fan, but who cares about fashion anyways?! The really low jeans, well, no guy could really complain. Those trucker hats were (and still are) kinda stupid, but I actually dig them just enough.
Watch out though.
The next thing is called a "shawl" or a "poncho", depending on who sells it or who you ask. Oh you remember shawls, don't you? Those things that are exclusively worn by elderly women to match their favorite everything. And last I heard, ponchos were those things to keep you dry in the 80s or at Disney World when it rained. Well okay, I guess now is the time for the rest of the 80s stuff to join its family in modern fashion, but these things I'm talking about aren't the wonderful anti-rain devices you have come to know and love. Have a look:

Poncho Pals!

All it really takes is telling the female population that these things are hot, and reguardless of how ridiculous they are, it will be big enough to be a craze. Except this craze isn't only being called stupid AFTER its over- its dumb before it starts.

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I'm Evil Like That

I'd just like to note that on this blog, I will sometimes edit a previous blog posting just to change the wording around, or sometimes to add significant details. You have been warned. And at the same time, you have been treated. Now that you know this small fact, you can gallop with glee across the archives and look for all of the itty bitty changes... as if you'd notice most of them anyway. Even in this very blog posting, I have edited it three times by the time I write this. Okay, four.

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The Board vs The Blog

If you don't know about Boardix which I'm about to crazily reference, here: This is the message board that I spend a great deal of my internet time on. The result of this is that a great deal of the stuff most bloggers would deem blog-worthy ends up being a post on Boardix. Consequence: I spread myself thin over two mediums (well really, the its all the web, but lets call them two mediums), and the blog isn't as packed with content as, say, I've been trying to encourage as many members of the Boardix community as possible to jump on the blog wave. Am I trying to kill Boardix? Of course not. I'm just trying to give each person more of their own individual voice when needed, and something to call their own.

I feel it is my duty to warn you about a favorite restaurant of mine that just may have given me food poisoning for the past few days. Buffalo Wild Wings: I love you so, but when I have the symptoms of Salmonella for the next few days shortly after eating your wings, I'm really not going to be too happy. Especially since it means I need to cancel a trip I was supposed to take to Des Moines to visit a friend. Buffalo Wild Wings: I know you need to get those wings to your customers fast, but please COOK THEM SUFFICIENTLY. End rant.

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Elder Taylor and Elder Adams

I am constantly faced with the task of defending my beliefs (and disbeliefs). About an hour ago I let two well dressed young gentlemen in my house out of the rain (atheists are not assholes...) and agreed to let them talk to me for ten minutes. The ten minutes may have turned into closer to 45 minutes, but hey, its fricken summer- what else do I have to do? I do find it quite educational to find out the strong beliefs of these gnostic theists. Usually after talking and trying to hold intelligent conversation for a while, I end up backing down and letting the offending group representatives say their piece, babble off their rehearsed responses, and quote their final scriptures. Well- this time was no exception. And I am now the (proud?) owner of yet another piece of religious propaganda, this one I'm sure you've heard of: "The Book of Mormon".

Am I the only one in the position? Well... I'm the only atheist I know.

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Bouncing Tires is Illegal!


Here I am, wide awake. Only a few short hours after going to sleep. I had a dream that seems increasingly bizarre the more I think about it. I apologize for this being so sketchy, but this is the way I remember it:
I was downtown with a group for high school, only I was still older, and I was with people that were younger. Something happened and we had to wait for buses (to come pick us up). They were really late or something. For some reason everyone had a ton of luggage. Suitcases, sleeping bags.. many many watches. Me and a few other people, and eventually just me by myself, were in charge of watching all of this luggage.
Things kept getting stolen without me noticing. Apparently some of the people I was with also had cars (4 to be exact). I remember one of them looked a lot like a Crown Victoria. These four cars were parked across the street from us, on the street. Only I couldn't keep my eye on them, because there were a bunch of BUSES parked on my side of the street, blocking the view. Then somehow the cars got their windows' smashed.
People would constantly be walking by, and I was always afraid they were going to steal the stuff. Many times someone did. MANY times, watches were stolen. But for some reason, there were a lot of watches to begin with.
One time, I put something in a tire, and then bounced the tire. A lady in a blazer/suit walked by and told me that was illegal. I didn't really believe her. Then Ralph Nader walked by and told me it was illegal to bounce tires. I was very excited to see him, and I talked to him crazily as he walked. He would continue walking, not slowing down or changing facial expressions at all. He didn't even look at me to tell me about the tires. I only following him across the street and then headed back to the stuff. You see, we were on a corner, and the street he had just crossed was not the same one that the cars and buses were sitting on. It was the intersecting street. It had crosswalk lines, but there were no lights (crosswalk lights) of any sort.
When I got back to the stuff (only a few feet away) I found that more had been stolen. Then some students came and were like "What happened to the stuff?!"
At one point someone mentioned that they hoped the buses would return or something so that they could leave. I said to them that I didn't have to wait for the buses since I didn't even go to high school anymore. Okay, I never actually said high school in the dream, but thats a pretty educated assumption. Then a blind guy walked by and I was trying to help him around all the stuff. He was a very well dressed man- he had a blues brothers type get up, and a beard. He was somewhere in his 30s, brown hair, none of it grey.

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