Apple puts the lid on free-for-all iTunes artwork, again

I hope you album art addicts out there went on a rampage for these few weeks iTunes turned off their album art authentication, because they just flipped the switch back to the "on" position. I guess you can go back to cracking their encryption now!

Oh well. There is always Def.

But now I really need a UK iTunes account so I can go back to the [Drag to iTunes] + [.ITC + BitmapRip] method for the bigger UK copies of the art Def can't get.

Would anyone in the UK care to buy me a 5 gift certificate so I can make a UK iTunes account? :) That is the only way to do it without a UK billing address on your credit card. And yes, it has to be bought from a legitimate UK iTunes account. Trust me, I've poked!

27 Sep 07 | +Permalink+ | Comments (3)