UNIX: iTunes 7's .ITC album artwork to JPEG/PNG

You can find the album artwork iTunes 7 downloads for your MP3s in a bunch of nested folders within "<your music folder>\iTunes\Album Artwork\" as .ITC files.

Here is a quick UNIX command to convert those album covers from the .ITC format to a usable JPEG or PNG.

tail -c+493 FILE_TO_CONVERT.itc > converted.jpg (or .png depending on the file format)

I wrote a shell script to take care of the dirty work. It takes a .ITC file as an input and outputs an image in its proper format.

You can view/wget the shell script here: http://marv.kordix.com/convertITC (365 bytes)

Maybe you can incorporate the shell script into a script of your own that goes through each ITC and converts it!

[UPDATE: It looks like the guys over at Command-Tab were one step ahead of me! They even built a PHP art grabbing prototype. Check it out. http://www.command-tab.com/2006/09/12/itunes-art-redux/]

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