MP3Toys, my favorite music player for Windows

A few months ago while browsing's plugins area, I noticed a player that I had never heard of with built-in support, called MP3Toys. I gave it a whirl, became hooked, bought it, and 5 months later here I stand still glued to the thing.

The interface is leaps and bounds above any other music player out there. It is difficult to express this intuitiveness with cheap words; I can only ask you to test drive the beast. It is especially good for people who like albums over single tracks. It just recently began supporting FLAC files as well if you do the lossless thing.

Here are some screenshots I took of it in action since in my opinion the ones on the website don't do it justice.

It is developed by just one guy. He takes user feedback into heavy consideration, which has made the whole experience that much better, getting to see things I suggest implemented into the app. Try suggesting improvements to iTunes and see where that gets you!

Head on over to and check it out.

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