foobar 0.9 & Billy

A new version of foobar2000 was just released with a Media Library feature like the ones we've enjoyed for so long with Winamp 5 and iTunes. One treasured feature that seems to have mysteriously disappeared is the "Fix MP3 Header" feature that I used whenever iTunes refused to play an MP3. Hmmm.
EDIT: Looks like you can still make a keyboard shortcut to the Fix MP3 Header feature (mine is Shift+F). It just no longer exists in the right click menu.

While on the topic of ultra-lite ultra-leet players, I just found a player called Billy that, like foobar2000, plays MP3s perfectly gapless and is incredibly light on resources. Just as interesting as the player is the guy that produces it, SheepFriends. The simplicity of the apps is reflected in the visual and technical design on the site... drool.

20 Mar 06 | +Permalink+ | Comments (2)