The formula for the iTunes killer

One player. Mac, Windows, Linux. The technology is there, someone just has to build it.

- Protected and unprotected WMA playback
- Protected and unprotected AAC playback
- MP3,OGG,FLAC,MPC,WAV playback

Note: catch all downloads and add to library after purchase
- iTunes Music Store: Using SharpMusique/MUSIK Project based interface
- eMusic: Using the standard web browser interface
- AllOfMP3: standard web browser interface
- Bleep: standard web browser interface
- Rhapsody(MusicNET, same network as Virgin Digital, Yahoo! Music Unlimited, MusicMatch): Using the newly released web interface
- Sony Connect: standard IE interface

- Static playlists: XSPF
A playlist is always associated with an XSPF file of the same name. Dropping an XSPF file into the playlist folder on the hard drive will cause the new playlist to automatically show up in the application, without application restart. This is somewhat specific, but I feel it is important.
- Dynamic playlists
Functionality to clone current dynamic playlist to a new static playlist

- iPod Shuffle, via iPod Shuffle Database Builder
- iPod/iPod nano?
- iRiver?
- Creative players?
- Rio players?

- Windows version: Native Windows Skinning Engine
- Mac version: Full Cocoa support
- Linux version: KDE and Gnome editions
- ALL: Cross-platform fixed form skin format, skins to be used in place of native window style at user's preference.

- Built-in support
- Gapless playback ala foobar2000

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