Mobster 1.3: Doing XSPF Right

I've been waiting for this ever since I first found out about XSPF playlists.

The Musicmobs project, similar to for those of you unfamiliar with it, just released the latest version of the software counterpart to their website, Mobster. In this version you can open someone's XSPF playlist and play your own copies of those songs. That means Person A creates a playlist with their songs, Person A sends playlist file to Person B, Person B opens playlist file and uses it to play their own copies of songs if they have them. This is exactly what the format was designed to be able to do. They also added a nice little bonus of taking you to the iTunes Music Store to get the 30 second preview if you run into songs you don't own.

Mobster 1.3 rocks!

Right now only the latest Mac version has this capability. The Windows version will support it in the upcoming release.

14 Nov 05 | +Permalink+ | Comments (0)