Bleep Hijack 0.2

Bleep is a digital music store that sells DRM-free MP3s from a bunch of independent music labels. They offer full previews of most of the songs in their catalog that pause every 30 seconds, requiring user interaction to continue the preview.

I've whipped up a little app to download the full preview versions of any given album. Look around Bleep for something you like, and once you find it, note it's release code (ie. WARP105). Type the release code into Bleep Hijack and load up the album information. You are then able to download the songs to your hard drive as MP3s. Downloading an album looks the same to Bleep as if you were just previewing music on their site. The MP3s are encoded at around 90kbps, so this is really just to give you a *taste* of the full album unless you don't care about quality.

DOWNLOAD Bleep Hijack 0.2 (22KB)
This program requires the .NET Framework 1.1. If you don't have it, you'll need to go to Windows Update and get it.

[EDIT: Since the posting of this, some things have changed on Bleep that makes "Bleep Hijack" not work as well as it once did. I have not updated the program because I'm not trying to hate on Bleep, it was more of a proof-of-concept exercise.]

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