Previous eMusic subscribers rejoice!

If you have or have had an eMusic account, you might be bummed when you see them offering 50 Free MP3s for new subscribers and not you. No, you can't trial hop on one credit card until the end of time like you do with Napster. You need a miracle here.

Well now you, lucky former eMusic subscriber, get yours. eMusic is running a promotion until June 12th where renewing your subscription will get you one free month of the plan you had before you cancelled. If you had eMusic basic when you cancelled you now get 40 free songs. If you had eMusic Plus when you cancelled, you now get 65 free songs. If you had eMusic Premium when you cancelled you now get 90 free songs! If you cancel before the next month, you don't pay anything.

Check your email for the offer or try this link (previous subscribers only). If you've never subscribed, you should check it out.

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