iPod Shuffle first week observations

The iPod Shuffle may have been born a barebones budget item, but in life it stands at the top of it's game. I'm finding that I favor it over my full sized iPod(2G, 10gb), and I have seen the same thing happen with friends who own both. Here are a few observations that make the iPod Shuffle a little bit more fun.

-The iPod Shuffle brings back the thrill of the mix tape. You have one playlist to carefully craft into a stream of consciousness. (Of course if this isn't your style, you can always have it Auto-fill and set it to shuffle.)

-It is so light you can ditch the lanyard and dangle it from your headphones comfortably if you really want to.

-It fits perfectly in that little pocket in your jeans that is too small for anything else, making you want to carry it everywhere.

-iTunes lets you keep the iPod Shuffle in your Source list even when it is unplugged so that you can build your playlist when its not plugged in.

-Running with a full sized iPod is no comparison to running with the light light iPod Shuffle. It's as if it's not even there.

-The simplistic controls are more practical than the iPod. Press a button to turn up the volume. Flip a switch to turn it off. Never take it out of your pocket.

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