iTunes shares cap at 60

After a bit of experimenting today, I found out that iTunes shares max out at sixty. Beyond this number of people, crazy stuff happens. New people that try to join the Rendezvous network will not see any shares, as if they have sharing turned off. The overcrowding of people will cause funky behavior for people who didn't get in before the sixty mark. Once enough people leave, it will usually take 5-10 minutes for things to function normally again for new people. This is probably why the default behavior of iTunes is to only display shares in a very tight subnet. They didn't build in handling for more.

But a limit of sixty total active shares is nothing compared to the new five-users-per-day limit that iTunes recently added in 4.7.1, allowing only five different users to connect to a given share in a day. There are always open source DAAP clients like Get It Together that don't carry this annoying limit, but its about time someone from the community develops a hack for the real iTunes that doesn't include the phrase "restart the program"[restarting iTunes resets the 5 user limit].

My top requests for iTunes hacks:
1. Five user limit removal
2. A windows implementation of NoTTL

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