Free iTunes sampler for new iPod owners and you

Apple is running a promotion where new iPod owners can download the following sampler album for free.

iTunes New Music Sampler (Atlantic/Lava Edition)

1. Title and Registration, Death Cab for Cutie
2. Welcome to My Life, Simple Plan
3. Drive Away, Gratitude
4. Gotta Get Up from Here, Ellie Lawson
5. Lost Control, Unwritten Law
6. What You Want, John Butler Trio
7. When I'm Gone (Sadie), No Address
8. Funny Little Feeling, Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers
9. Yesterday Never Tomorrows, The Stills
10. Louis XIV, Louis XIV
11. Broken Promises, Moments In Grace
12. You'll Never Guess Who Died, The Kinison
13. Pressure, Skindred
14. On Your Porch, The Format
15. Everyday, Toby Lightman
16. Shallow, Porcupine Tree

Some people found that they could also take advantage of this if they formatted their iPod to make it appear to be a new iPod. But what about people who don't want to format their iPod or who don't even own an iPod in the first place?

Choose the "Add Album" (it should say Free next to it).

Apple went to some lengths to prevent people from finding that URL. If you are a new iPod owner and you go to this album the proper way, you'll notice that you can't use the normal dragging and dropping of the album title onto your desktop to get a shortcut to it.
Luckily, they didn't take the same precautions for accessing the album through the iTMS arrows from someone who already has the album and is sharing it with iTunes sharing. :)

[Update: April 4, 2005]

Here is another album a commenter was kind enough to point us to. If you have any more, keep'em coming!

iTunes New Music Sampler (Universal Motown Edition)

1. Blow It Out, Features
2. All At Sea, Jamie Cullum
3. Sunshine to the Rain, Miri Ben-Ari
4. Lonely, Akon
5. Golden Touch, Razorlight
6. Every Time You Go Away, Brian McKnight
7. Bigtime, The Soundtrack of Our Lives
8. Laura, Scissor Sisters
9. She Said, Brie Larson
10. Jus Anotha Shorty, O'Ryan
11. Sleeping With the Lights On, Teitur
12. Reach Out, I'll Be There, Michael McDonald
13. TKO, Le Tigre


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