PyMusique: iTunes Music Store minus DRM

Now that the bit-level ripping of Napster files has officially ended, lets take a look back at iTunes. The infamous DVD Jon and friends have released PyMusique- an interface to the iTunes Music Store that allows you to buy music completely DRM free. That is, it gets the music before the DRM is even placed on it and delivers that to you.

This not only gives Windows users the ability to get DRM free music from iTMS; it allows Linux users to use the iTunes Music Store for the first time.

But hey, we all know that the reason people don't use the iTunes Music Store isn't really the DRM- it's the prices! $1.00 a song!? Better start hitting those recycle bins.

[Update: On March 22, 2005, Apple broke PyMusique. That same day, a new version of PyMusique was released that worked again, only this time without a Windows version. Then on March 31, SharpMusique, a windows compatible port of PyMusique, was released.]

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