Operation iTunes Cap Harvest

Instead of an application vulnerability, this little "hack" only requires some free time and residence in a large building that recycles. Now that iTunes is running their Pepsi cap promotion again, and this time with a free iPod mini per hour sweepstakes(!), lets use this time around to do better than tilting bottles to see if they are winners. How about never paying a cent!

My targets: College dorms with 1000+ people each

Extra things that you will need:

- The location of any small *open topped* recycle bins for plastics (rummaging through those big recycling cans full of bottles isn't the best idea...)

- The time that each floor/area's recycle bins are collected/emptied (you would obviously want to hit them right before this time)

- An iTunes account, duh

I suggest using this opportunity to get your hands on some of the many "iTunes Exclusive" songs. Then you could just run them through JHymn if you want them DRM free.

For those of you who think this takes too much time, let me just tell you it took me more time to write this entry than it did to find the 4 winning caps I found on my first run. ;) If you decide to take this on yourself, tell us about it in the comments.

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