The End of the Winamp DRM Loophole

Look at the Winamp version history and you will see a key update that was claimed to have happened a week ago, but didn't until now:

Winamp 5.08e:
* Updated Windows Media DRM License

Going back to check your current players, you will see that they no longer play Windows Media. This was truly the only way AOL/Nullsoft could completely prevent people from continuing to use their player for mischief; by getting a new Windows Media DRM License and expiring their old one. The good news for AOL: they've done all they can do. This is no longer on their heads. The good news for you: there is still a much better solution.

In other news, AllOfMp3 is finally seeing some real investigation. If you have some money in your account, you'll probably want to use it up. Its only a matter of time until Big Music finally stomps them out.

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