Clearing up a few things with the Napster article

Original article: Burning through Napster's collection, free

This is partly in response to this CNN Money article and partly in response to comments I've seen across the net.

-This had been successfully tested through Winamp version 5.08d [Edit: And continued to work until the day 5.08e and the new DRM license was released. This specific method is now dead. ]

-This doesn't just apply to Napster-to-Go. It applys to both Napster subscription plans. I don't know how that rumor got started. Napster-to-Go subscription offers unlimited streaming, downloading, and copying to a digital music device for $15/month. The regular Napster subscription offers unlimited streaming and downloading for $10/month. The tip works for both.

-WMA to WAV won't lose quality, and it is not the same as recording out of your sound card. This never leaves the software realm. You can, however, lose quality if you encode the WAVs back to a lossy format like MP3.

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