The digg effect, new design, IE users rejoice!

[2,000 Unique visitors]
A few days ago(2/12/2005) the Burning through Napster's collection, free post was digged.

In addition to bringing me tons of visitors, the digg exposure also got me linked on a bunch of sites, such as uneasysilence, crapulent,,, mac360, geekcast podcast,, and a bunch of forums.

With all of this exposure, there was no doubt that I'd be alienating a lot of users, as my older design didn't render properly in IE. Not only did it not work right; it redirected IE users to a page telling them to upgrade their browser to something better. ;)
Looking at the traffic from the last couple of days, it turns out only a little over 20% of all users tried to visit this blog from IE, with the majority using Firefox. But now that twenty percent can join in on the fun. This is a brand new design that looks identical in Firefox and IE. The index page of the old design can be seen here.
You can now access this blog from both and

[10,000 Uniques]
The Napster thing was just posted on BoingBoing. So it goes back up on, and needless to say I've more than doubled the traffic I got from digg. I'll update the graph at the end of the day when it is craziest.

[20,000 Uniques]
Gizmodo, Airbag, The Republica, J-Walk Blog,, FrostyPalace

[40,000 Uniques]
Engadget, Heavy, MonkeyFilter, GearLive, StereoGum...

[50,000 Uniques]
And now we're at the highest profile sites, who all have chosen to credit only big sites like Boing Boing and Engadget who linked to me.
Google News, CNN Money, Reuters, Houston Chronicle

[60,000 Uniques]
CNET, Australian IT

[70,000 Uniques]
The Inquirer, Billboard RadioMonitor, The Register, LA Times, Hack a Day

[80,000, 90,000, 100,000, and beyond...]

Part 2 is on digg now so I guess its only a matter of time until the cycle starts again to a lesser extent.

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