Delete folders that are *almost* empty

If you're doing some cleaning up on your computer, one of the things you might be looking to do is deleting empty folders. For this task, I have always used the method outlined in this PC Magazine article, using nothing more than built in windows batch-file technology. I get a little tickle every time I can do something useful with one of those little batchies. Unfortunately sometimes a folder can be one or two leftover files from some application that didn't fully uninstall, or files there for some other reason.

In my case, the culprits have been hidden protected operating system files like Thumbs.db and Folder.jpg from music albums that have since been relocated. I have hundreds of folders that should be empty, but because of these files, these folders end up being around 0.05MB in size.

Here is where the solutions for deleting completely empty folders choke on their own leetness, and nobody calls for help.
So now, a solution that does work. A little known application called Advanced File Manager. The specific feature that is important to us is "Search folders by size".

You might be saying "Can't the built in Windows search do that?", but to that I tell you "No". Does it claim to be able to? Yes. But I have never once in any edition of Windows been able to actually make it work. It will always search *files* even if you explicitly tell it to search for a "Folder". Hurrrrumph....

Advanced File Manager's Advanced Find feature has the exact functionality we want: the ability to search for folders below a specified file size. In fact, that's pretty much the only functionality it has, but thats all we need for this.

My search brings up all of the folders from albums I have since moved. AFM displays the folder sizes next to each folder so that I can make sure not to delete something I didn't want to (The Bruce McColloch folder actually contains a song; I noticed it was bigger that the other folders and gave it a look).

Advanced File Manager is available as a free 30 day trial, so you should have time to kill plenty of *almost* empty folders!

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