A better way to buy digital music, part II: eMusic

(continued from AllOfMP3 Music Store: A better way to buy digital music)

I'll admit that AllOfMP3 seems a tad shady. Thats not going to stop me from using it, but lets look at a similar option that is completely clean.

eMusic. The OTHER digital music store that offers its music as DRMless MP3s. High quality too- everything I've gotten from them has been encoded at high end VBR. The store has a lot going for it. One thing you won't find, however, is mainstream music; it's 100% independent. The majors aren't yet ready to go for DRMless digital music (even though they can sell you CDs that have little to no rights management.. bah). You should recognize at least SOME things on eMusic if you're not a 13 year old girl whose only source of new music is TRL.

Plus you get 50 free MP3s that you can download during your "trial period" of two weeks. As in, the time after you give them your credit card but before you pay. You could theoretically make it out with your 50 free legal MP3s and not pay a cent, and you can run back to AllOfMP3. But you might just get hooked.

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