iTunes won't play MP3s!

If your favorite music software suddenly decides to not play certain MP3s, don't panic.

Go grab the latest version of foobar2000. Then open the offending MP3s with it and right click on them one at a time, selecting "Fix MP3 Header". EDIT 3/20/2006: After version 0.9 of foobar2000, Fix MP3 Header is no longer in the right click menu. You will need to assign a keyboard shortcut to the Fix MP3 Header function from Preferences. Mine is Shift+F. In the "padding" field, type 0 and click OK.
I was having this problem with iTunes- apparently it is picky about sloppy MP3 headers where other players are not. I had certain songs refusing to play in iTunes but would play fine in Winamp or WMP. After weeks of iTunes withdrawal, this trick solved my problem, and I was (am) finally able to move back over to iTunes.

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