iTunes 4.7

Well it looks like the iTunes 4.7 release just slipped by. In recent updates we saw the addition of such features as the Party Shuffle and Apple Lossless Encoding. Surely this will bring us some nifty new features. Unfortunately Apple doesn't post an extensive "changelog", noting the things that are new since the last version. So I'll attempt to post one here:

- Copy photos and view them on an iPod Photo
- Find duplicate songs - very cool, especially if you have a huge library. Now if only there was a way to create a sym-link of a song that exists on multiple albums. Right now that would save me 2.88 GB.
- Minimize iTunes into your Windows task bar, and keep the Mini Player on top (these features previously available in a plugin). Before this, you didn't even have the option to have iTunes' icon in the system tray without a plugin.
- Preferences now has a dedicated tab for iPod related options, further rubbing it in your face if you didn't get a free iPod.
- Get notified when material from your favorite artist is added to iTMS through Artist Alerts
- Search for iMixes by title in iTMS

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