Technorati is F'd up

The idea of Technorati is that they will show you other sites who have linked to your site. A recent search of their database for "" yielding a single result: Getting to the site, I can't for the life of me find where my site is linked to.

The only explanation I can come up with is that Technorati is F'd up. For the context of the site that supposedly linked me, it gave a paragraph that looked exactly like this:

Danesicle's Palace of Suckass. Josh is Lost in CyberSpace The Peoria Pundit Humor - as seen / heard / read by Sudhir T-Mobile Sidekick II aka HipTop 2 officially announced take it easy runawaysoul - runawaysoul marv on record neunvoltblog レã... Mademoiselle_M Aurora's Rants & Raves Dwelling Techbook Dorothée et ses tricots Diary disaster and love, vengeance and dust Tatham's Social Exposure

My theory is that these are other poor souls who have tried and failed to claim blogs on Technorati, and now it is just spewing them out, disguised as the result of a search. I remember signing up with them not too long ago, and they had me enter my blog address to "Claim" it. Then it identified this address as "Steve Riley's Programming Blog" in a link thing it told me to add to my site. I'm willing to bet that your website will be identified as one of Steve Riley's other blogs, too. Damn that Steve Riley is talented.

But its more than just that. This site that linked to me has, in its latest entry (here is a permalink to it), an account of a trip through the Dakotas and Wyoming. I just got back from a trip through the Dakotas and Wyoming. The blog goes on to reminisce about reading "the recent Al Franken book" during the trip. I too brought this book along. Then in the previous blog entry, there is mention of the Tour de France. This is related here, to a lesser extent, because we did a good deal of biking during the trip, and called a friend to find out the latest Tour results.

[Update] That blog has a section called "Ping'd" where it lists sites that have recently pinged it. Blogs "ping" other blog sites when they have a link to them. Or at least polite blogs behave this way. (See The Joy of Trackbacks, 7-13-04) But in order for this site to have me listed there, I would have had to link to it, which until this very blog post, I haven't. This is sounding like one of those "Don't worry about the vase" paradoxes.

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