The Red, White, and Blue Civilization

Like all my dreams, by the time I am awake enough to hobble over to my desk to write them down, I have already lost pieces of the story. This dream's largest memory gap comes at it's beginning.

...We got on a planet that had many portals/warps mounted to it's surface. We spent time walking on the surface to collect various supplies and artifacts from this planet. Suddenly we were under attack and we had to run into the ship. Once in the ship, we entered the nearest warp portal.
We all let out sighs of relief as we narrowly escaped the attack unharmed. Once through the warp, we were under immediate attack again! But this was a very different place. I was still standing at one of the gates of my ship. The gates of my ship had port holes near the top of the 50+ foot high gates, so I climbed up the gate to look out of an opening. When I reached the top there were small cybernetic organisms perched around the window/opening. They began to fire at me, but with their limited mobility I was able to avoid being shot. I grabbed on to one of them and twisted it around forcefully. then what I recognized as a human popped up to the window area, and the little creatures stopped firing. The man held up what looked like a dollar bill with the letter 'A' in the places where we would expect to see numbers. He asked me if I could make a copy of it. I interpreted this as a test to see if I was loyal to america or what I later came to call "The Red, White, and Blue Civilization". I told the man that no, it was illegal to copy a dollar bill. The attack on our ship stopped, and we were directed into a giant ship that housed the population of a planet. The name, "The Red, White, and Blue Civilization" came from the constant chants "Red, White, and Blue!" that could be heard throughout the mothership. Thinking back, I heard the same chants from their fighter ships, but payed little attention to them then.
Shortly after boarding this giant ship, I began talking with a mother and her two boys. I found out that it was some time in the year 15,000 AD. I watched as some members of my ship were being escorted past us. Among them were elves and nymphs. I told the mother and boys about how we had found these creatures on a prior journey, and that we were preserving them on our ship. I told one of the elves "Its the year fifteen thousand!!". He shouted "Whoa!" and continued walking to wherever he and the others were being led. At one point I asked the mother how much a McDonalds Happy Meal cost, to which she replied "99 dollars." She was baffled when I told her that I had traveled from 2099, that I had originally come from 2004(which I pronounced twenty oh-four), and that in my time, a McDonalds Happy Meal was a mere five dollars. I asked her if her kids had any genetic modification, because I had read about it, and surely it would be a reality by now. Of her two boys, one had and one hadn't had modification. The one boy spoke up and told me that he had been given the choice at a young age keep genetic modifications that he had been given before birth, and he had chosen not to. This must have been the way the civilization had allowed themselves to justify genetic modificaftion. They would give every child the choice of being genetically modified or not at a young age, presumably after education on the subject. Apparently in this far future, modification can take place long after one has been born, since the boy was able to choose not to *keep* his genetic modifications. The other boy had "clonar" modification or something like that. His mother explained to me that he could sense things through solid matter. She also mentioned something about God. "If God puts something there, he can sense it." I remember thinking "Wow, Jon was right- religion has survived this long."

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