The Joy of Trackbacks

See that thing at the bottom of each entry called "Trackbacks"? Its a nifty feature that lets one blog know that another has referenced it; a very cool way of interconnecting the blog-verse.
If your blog uses the "Movable Type" system, you should go into Preferences and select "Allow pings by default" and "Turn on Trackback auto-discovery" to make sure your blog is always doing the Trackback dance. I'm not sure of the full extent to which other services offer Trackback, but if you're on "Blogger, Blogspot, Diaryland, Diary-X, iBlog, Newspro, Pitas, and many other..." services, you can sign up for free at and join in on the fun.

Note to blog.kordix bloggers- I have personally set up Trackbacks for each and every one of you. If you want Trackbacks on old entries, you'll have to edit each one and select "Allow Pings" individually.

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