Marv on "Ponchos"

I'm not usually one to condemn a stupid fashion trend to the world. Those bandana things- I wasn't a fan, but who cares about fashion anyways?! The really low jeans, well, no guy could really complain. Those trucker hats were (and still are) kinda stupid, but I actually dig them just enough.
Watch out though.
The next thing is called a "shawl" or a "poncho", depending on who sells it or who you ask. Oh you remember shawls, don't you? Those things that are exclusively worn by elderly women to match their favorite everything. And last I heard, ponchos were those things to keep you dry in the 80s or at Disney World when it rained. Well okay, I guess now is the time for the rest of the 80s stuff to join its family in modern fashion, but these things I'm talking about aren't the wonderful anti-rain devices you have come to know and love. Have a look:

Poncho Pals!

All it really takes is telling the female population that these things are hot, and reguardless of how ridiculous they are, it will be big enough to be a craze. Except this craze isn't only being called stupid AFTER its over- its dumb before it starts.

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