The Board vs The Blog

If you don't know about Boardix which I'm about to crazily reference, here: This is the message board that I spend a great deal of my internet time on. The result of this is that a great deal of the stuff most bloggers would deem blog-worthy ends up being a post on Boardix. Consequence: I spread myself thin over two mediums (well really, the its all the web, but lets call them two mediums), and the blog isn't as packed with content as, say, I've been trying to encourage as many members of the Boardix community as possible to jump on the blog wave. Am I trying to kill Boardix? Of course not. I'm just trying to give each person more of their own individual voice when needed, and something to call their own.

I feel it is my duty to warn you about a favorite restaurant of mine that just may have given me food poisoning for the past few days. Buffalo Wild Wings: I love you so, but when I have the symptoms of Salmonella for the next few days shortly after eating your wings, I'm really not going to be too happy. Especially since it means I need to cancel a trip I was supposed to take to Des Moines to visit a friend. Buffalo Wild Wings: I know you need to get those wings to your customers fast, but please COOK THEM SUFFICIENTLY. End rant.

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