Elder Taylor and Elder Adams

I am constantly faced with the task of defending my beliefs (and disbeliefs). About an hour ago I let two well dressed young gentlemen in my house out of the rain (atheists are not assholes...) and agreed to let them talk to me for ten minutes. The ten minutes may have turned into closer to 45 minutes, but hey, its fricken summer- what else do I have to do? I do find it quite educational to find out the strong beliefs of these gnostic theists. Usually after talking and trying to hold intelligent conversation for a while, I end up backing down and letting the offending group representatives say their piece, babble off their rehearsed responses, and quote their final scriptures. Well- this time was no exception. And I am now the (proud?) owner of yet another piece of religious propaganda, this one I'm sure you've heard of: "The Book of Mormon".

Am I the only one in the position? Well... I'm the only atheist I know.

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