Its called EMULATION, Kyle!

So much joy from a half eaten fruit...
I'd just like to say that PearPC kicks major ass. It is the first program to let you run Mac OS X on a PC (emulated, through Windows, Linux, and more). A build was just put up in the nightlies that enables networking in Windows, so I was finally able to get online and download some cool mac apps. Well not only that, I was able to have DUALING iTUNES!


Anyway, if you are anywhere as much of a Mac fan as me, and like me don't want to actually buy a Mac because deep down you know you can do all that stuff on those other machines, check PearPC out. Then, if you really get into the whole emulation of Mac OS's, go grab Basilisk II and *find* a copy of Mac OS 8. Its fun!

And I guess I have to throw in VMware, which will let you run pretty much any other OS you can come up with (see screenshots on their site).

Is there anything better than running multiple OS's at once, one on top of another?

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