This blog has only been updated a handful of times since 2007, partly because I started spending less time hacking the gibsons and more time trying to improve my music. In 2007 I started another blog to follow that progress, available at I don't wanna dilute the posts here with some meaningless blogspam, I'll leave that to 99% of today's blogs. So I hope you have an RSS reader! Original content, what what? Usually what I write here will have to do with something I've been working on these days.

This blog is hosted along with a bunch of other blogs on this thing called was started in March of 2000 as a place to monkey around with web development and design. It quickly turned into a nice place for friends to spend countless hours on, with Boardix, a message board. In early 2004, switched webhosts. Soon after, with the new flexibility, Movable Type was installed and the blogging began.

For the first month I had Site Meter, January 2005, I had under 1,000 unique visitors. Then an article I posted about getting around Napster's copy protection was linked by every website EVER and my unique visitors shot up past 60,000 in only a few days. In the middle of that chaos, I did a redesign and did a lot of jumping up and down. The rest is history.


I can be reached by email at dkordik.public(at